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Transform your kitchen into an organized haven with our collection of versatile kitchen accessories. From Carousels offering effortless rotation for your pots and pans to Baskets and Tambours optimizing cabinet space. Dispose of waste discreetly with our Waste Bin collection while keeping drawers orderly with our range of Cutlery Trays. Access those hard-to-reach spaces effortlessly using our sturdy Kitchen Ladders. Ensure your cups and plates stay secure with Cup & Plate Holders, while Hanging Accessories offer flexible wall storage for utensils and cookware. These accessories, crafted from durable materials and functional designs, are tailor-made to streamline your kitchen's efficiency while introducing a touch of organized elegance. Simplify your daily tasks and keep your culinary essentials within easy reach.


Combi's Mechanism, 50cm Door, Chromed/ White HPL Bottom

Dhs. 1,772.00 Dhs. 1,969.00

Plastic Waste Bin with Stainless Steel Side, 14 Liters

Dhs. 127.00 Dhs. 134.00

Under-Cabinet Wine Glass Holder (Four Rows) 405x 330x 65mm, Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel

Dhs. 95.00 Dhs. 105.00

Cutlery Tray for 60cm Drawer - Grey

Dhs. 59.50 Dhs. 66.00

2-Shelf Hanging Spice Rack 350 x 90 x 275mm, Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel

Dhs. 95.00 Dhs. 105.00

Hanging Kitchen Corner Rack, 320 x 315 x 275mm, Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel

Dhs. 155.00 Dhs. 172.00

Cutlery Tray for 45cm Drawer - Grey

Dhs. 50.50 Dhs. 56.00

Adjustable Plate Holder, Stainless Steel

Dhs. 144.00 Dhs. 160.00

Kitchen Tambour Door, Aluminum Finish

Dhs. 3,358.00