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      Simplify your kitchen cleanup routine with our range of Waste Bins, designed to make disposing of trash effortless and efficient. Whether you prefer a discreet under-counter option or a stylish freestanding bin, we have the perfect solution for your kitchen. Our bins come in various sizes and styles to suit any space and decor, ensuring there's something for everyone. Browse our collection now and discover how our waste bins can help you keep your kitchen clean and organized with ease.

      WASTE BINS (12)

      Plastic Waste Bin with Stainless Steel Side, 14 Liters

      Dhs. 127.00 Dhs. 134.00

      Unihopper Waste Sorter with 2x24L & 2x10L Plastic Buckets For 60cm Cabinet

      Dhs. 711.00 Dhs. 790.00

      Built-in Waste Bin with Plastic Bucket & Cover, 7 Liters

      Dhs. 337.00 Dhs. 374.00

      Pull-out Waste Bin with 45x2L Plastic Buckets For 60cm Cabinet

      Dhs. 525.00

      Pull-out Waste Bin with 30x2L Plastic Buckets For 45cm Cabinet

      Dhs. 470.00

      Pull-out Waste Bin with 45L Plastic Buckets For 40cm Cabinet

      Dhs. 380.00

      Unihopper Waste Sorter with 2x17L & 2x8L Plastic Bucket for 60cm Cabinet

      Dhs. 602.00 Dhs. 669.00

      Plastic Waste Bin with Stainless Steel Side, 16 Liters

      Dhs. 251.00 Dhs. 279.00

      FRANKE Sanitary Xinox Tiny Tom Waste Bin XINX606, 30 Liters

      Dhs. 4,918.00 Dhs. 5,464.00