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      Elevate the organization and functionality of your wardrobe with our comprehensive range of Wardrobe Hangers, including Pull-down Hangers, Pie-cut Hangers, Stainless Steel Hanger Rods, and Aluminum Hanger Rods with built-in LED Lights. Our assortment of hangers offers versatile solutions to suit various wardrobe setups and preferences. The Pull-down Hangers provide easy access to high shelves, maximizing storage space and convenience. Pie-cut Hangers optimize corner spaces, ensuring efficient utilization of every inch of your wardrobe. Stainless Steel Hanger Rods offer durability and a sleek modern look, while Aluminum Hanger Rods with built-in LED Lights add a touch of sophistication and illumination to your clothing collection. Explore our selection to find the perfect wardrobe hangers that cater to your storage needs and elevate your wardrobe organization.

      HANGERS (9)

      Double Pull-down Lift Clothing Hanger, Silver Aluminum Tube

      Dhs. 568.00 Dhs. 631.00

      Wardrobe Steel Clothes Hanger Chrome Plated L=2.0m

      Dhs. 38.00 Dhs. 42.00

      Wardrobe Hanger with LED Light 955mm - Warm Light

      Dhs. 175.00 Dhs. 194.00

      Unihopper Pull-out, Soft Closing Top Mount Clothe Hanger

      Dhs. 160.00

      Wardrobe Clothes Hanger Support - Chrome Plated - 1 Pc.

      Dhs. 2.00

      Unihopper Soft Closing Pull-down Hanger - Steel

      Dhs. 585.00 Dhs. 650.00

      Wardrobe Hanger with LED Light 855mm - Warm Light

      Dhs. 169.00 Dhs. 188.00

      Wardrobe Hanger with LED Light 555mm - Warm Light

      Dhs. 159.00 Dhs. 177.00

      ¾ Pie-cut (270°) Hanger Rack ø=520mm, Chrome Plated, Steel

      Dhs. 568.00 Dhs. 631.00