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Kitchen and Home Essentials: Elevate Your Living with Trending Kitchen Appliances

by MeeraMore - on December 05, 2023

Have you always dreamt of the smartest and most eye-catching kitchen space without breaking the bank? We understand how important it is to develop an alchemy of flavours that imprints everlasting memories over shared meals. Therefore, to offer you a perfect solution, this article is designed.

After a busy schedule and hectic day struggles, many of us always shake our heads when spending time in the kitchen. But what if we tell you not now, yes! With smart appliances, you can simply elevate your boring kitchen life to a fun, energetic and full of creativity.

Are you thrilled about what’s coming next, just like us? If yes, keep reading, as this small guide will take you on a journey of trendy kitchen appliances!

But let’s just talk about some why's.

Why You Need To Hop On Trendy Kitchen Appliances

When your old-school blender and oven work fine!
Thinking same?
Well, not more than a minute now!

How Technology Is Unveiling the Future of Kitchen Gadgets:


A minimalistic approach is always aesthetic, which is impossible with our old-school kitchen appliances. Therefore, smart and trendy kitchen appliances help maintain your aesthetic style by matching your kitchen interior. Not only this, but for some, these gadgets are the reason to love cooking. 

Time Saving Wonders

Life has been so busy these days that, most times, we find delivering food easier than cooking at home. What if one day you find Wi-Fi connected devices that function just with a click, no matter how far you’re from home? From multi-functional cooking devices to high-speed blenders, these time-saving wonders ensure you can whip up a gourmet meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Life Saver

Smart appliances have taken centre stage, seamlessly integrating technology into our culinary routines. For small kitchens with limited space, multifunctional devices are hands down the best possible option. Imagine a refrigerator with an inbuilt coffeemaker. That makes sense. In short, these are not just appliances but buttons, making your kitchen an intuitive and connected space.

How These Smart Appliances Are Beyond Basics:


It's not just about what you cook but how you cook it, emphasising inability and mindful living. More people are becoming aware of environmental footprints, and energy-efficient smart technology is making its impact!

So, energy-efficient gas cookers and gas hobs extractor fans are the options to choose where you spend most of the time.

High-tech Kitchen Partners

Those days are gone when kitchen tools were just gadgets; now, they are your companions and an ultimate help! Ceramic cookers, sous-vide machines, and smart built-in gas ovens are among the high-tech cooking aids changing how we approach food preparation.

Start Smart Living By Embracing Tech Revolution:

Personalised Cooking

Thanks to advanced technology, kitchen appliances can now adapt to your preferences. Smart ovens that learn your cooking style, coffee makers that remember your favourite brew, and refrigerators that suggest meal options based on your dietary preferences are just the beginning. The kitchen is becoming a space that understands and anticipates your needs, making cooking a Personalised and delightful experience.

Connected Cooking

Trending smart appliances are designed to make your kitchen hours seamless by working collectively. It creates an ecosystem that makes life in the kitchen easier and makes you fall in love with every moment. Imagine checking what's left in your refrigerator while in the supermarket or preheating your oven on your way home! Isn’t a tech revolution taking place? And it’s enjoyable too!

Some Must-have Kitchen Marvels to Elevate Your Space:

Multifunctional Culinary
Credit: Al Meera

Avoid busy countertops in your kitchen while saying goodbye to the cluttered space while cooking. Welcome these trendy multifunctional marvels to your space and see the magic happen to your food. Innovate your kitchen from all-in-one ceramic cookers that can saute, steam, cook, and even bake to built-in gas hob stoves and automatic cooking ovens. These tech gadgets are not gadgets anymore; they create a new game of innovation and creativity by maximising efficiency and functionality.

90cm Gas Hob
Credit: MeeraMore

Are you tired of standing beside a hot plate so that you can cook another dish? Well, not now! You can now choose from various trending and built-in gas hobs. These cooking hobs are large enough to help you save time by cooking atleast four dishes at a time; not only this, but the beautiful colours to choose from make them a perfect choice according to your kitchen aesthetics.

Electric Ovens

Credit: MeeraMore

Replace your boring and outdated electric oven with a new, sleek, stylish one. You can opt for a built-in gas oven or even an electric oven. MeeraMore has brought a wide range of electric ovens. You can compare our rates with all the other electric oven prices in Dubai and UAE. So, what are you waiting for? Order an oven online and transform your kitchen from dull to exciting.

Kitchen Hoods
Credit: MeeraMore

Like any other appliance, the kitchen hood is the most visible appliance in the kitchen, and most of the time, it just doesn't suit most houses' aesthetics. You can now buy kitchen hoods online from MeeraMore. Choose from the best cooker hood brands and get a wide variety, no matter whether you’re looking for the traditional undercabinet hood, wall-mounted hood, or cooker hood 90cm.

Multifunctional Sink
Credit: Al Meera

Last but not least, multifunctional sinks are a dream of every kitchen owner, though it's a blessing for small kitchen spaces. Imagine a sink with a pull-out faucet and a chopping board integrated with small drainage baskets to keep the space organised! Isn’t it fascinating that you don’t have to move to and for while chopping and washing your vegetables? On the other hand, it also comes with a high-pressure cup washer, No more greasy cups and bottles. In short, it has everything you need!


So, this was it for today’s guide on elevating your living with trendy kitchen appliances! Hopefully, you have now grasped where to start to elevate your cooking experience. Let us know your thoughts on the technology revolution, and don’t forget to check MeeraMore for smart kitchen and home appliances.