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Right Hood for Your Kitchen: Explore Our Selection of Kitchen Hoods and Appliances

by MeeraMore - on March 11, 2024

A range hood is one of the most significant kitchen appliances. They are made to get rid of heat, smoke, and smells that come from cooking. Any kitchen needs a kitchen hood, sometimes referred to as a kitchen exhaust hood or range hood. Eliminating grease, smoke, and other pollutants produced during cooking is essential to preserving a hygienic and secure cooking environment. Efficiency, suction power, noise level, and design are all crucial considerations when looking for the best kitchen hood in the UAE. Your kitchen will have efficient ventilation and a pleasant cooking experience if you invest in a high-quality kitchen hood. 

Certain hoods have the ability to entirely replace the air in your kitchen in a matter of minutes by simply pressing a button, eliminating harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide. And it really does make a difference to breathe pure air in an unpleasant environment. Put another way, having a hood in your kitchen is beneficial to your health as well. Consider the best kitchen hood prices in UAE at MeeraMore.


Types of Hoods

Strong fans and filters built into kitchen hoods efficiently collect and remove smoke and other smells released when cooking. They keep your house smelling welcoming and fresh by preventing the buildup of bad odors in your kitchen.

Grease and other airborne particles can be released during cooking and land on surfaces such as kitchen cabinets and appliances. Grease-filtering kitchen exhaust system effectively capture these particles, lowering the possibility of sticky residue buildup and preserving a hygienic cooking space. What are the types of hoods available at MeeraMore? Let’s check the best kitchen exhaust hood in Dubai and choose the top one for your kitchen.


1. WIN INOX Wall Mounted Hood

Credit: MeeraMore

Easy to use and simple to operate, the Best WIN INOX Wall Mounted Hood boasts a powerful 420m³/h extraction rate with a 3S push-button control. With its easy maintenance guaranteed by the metal grid filter included, this hood is a stylish and useful addition to any kitchen.

Wall-mount canopy hoods are compatible with a range of culinary appliances since they offer venting with several CFM and design options. They take the place of over-the-range cabinets, and while there are various venting options, they typically use wall-mounted ductwork to vent air outdoors.


2. Faber 90cm Extractor Hood 

Credit: MeeraMore

A dependable complement to any kitchen, the Faber Traditional Under Cabinet Hood features a 180 m³/h extraction rate, a simple design, and efficient ventilation.

Even in this Stainless steel-painted form, the 90 cm wide Faber undercabinet hood adds a touch of simplicity to any kitchen setting with its classic design. with a grease filter and LED lighting.


3. Franke 90cm Wall Mounted Hood, Glass Linear

Credit: MeeraMore

Simple and efficient design characterizes the Franke 90cm Wall Mounted Hood from Franke, which boasts a powerful 420m³/h extraction rate and a handy 3S push-button control. With its easy maintenance guaranteed by the metal grid filter included, this hood is a stylish and useful addition to any kitchen.


4. 90cm Tira Under Cabinet Hood

Credit: MeeraMore

The Ebla Tira Under Cabinet Hood has simple push-button controls, neat styling, and effective ventilation. This under-cabinet hood improves your cooking space with its user-friendly operation and efficient air purification.


5. 80cm Kite-White Wall Mounted Hood

Credit: MeeraMore

Elevate your kitchen environment with the Best Kite-White Wall Mounted Hood, which combines powerful performance with a clean appearance to ensure effective ventilation. This wall-mounted hood, made of sleek stainless steel and tasteful white glass, improves the looks of your kitchen while providing excellent air control and purification. The cooker hood prices in UAE may differ, so choose the best one for your needs considering the several types. 


What Options To Look For When Buying a Range Hood?

Like any other kitchen item, the benefits of various range hood models will vary based on your cooking preferences. When choosing the ideal range hood for your needs, take into account the following features and options:


1. Size

The width of your range hood and the cooking surface below should line up. The most common widths for ranges and vent hoods are 30", 36", 42", and 48". A precise fit will guarantee that the hood completely encloses any burners or components and captures any grease, smoke, or stink emanating from them.


2. CFMs venting strength

The unit of measure for venting strength is cubic feet per minute (CFM). A vent's capacity to draw in air in a minute is measured in CFMs, also known as airflow capacity; the higher the figure, the more forceful the ventilation. The majority of vent hoods have various fan speed options. The CFMs increase in tandem with your speed.


3. Lightning

Having a good view of the cooktop or range is crucial for monitoring your dishes as they change and take on taste. Thanks to their abundance of light, the cooking area beneath vent hoods is well-lit. Seek several brightness levels and LED lighting options.


4. Automatic adjustment of speed

You won't always remember to switch on your vent hood when you're preoccupied with making and building your meal. Certain range hood models have an upscale and incredibly practical feature that detects when anything is about to happen and activates on its own. Certain versions even self-adjust the setting; one such model is the KitchenAid brand's Auto Speed Setting, which modifies the fan's speed in response to the heat it generates.



Property purchasers usually win over an updated, fashionable kitchen with a cooktop hood since it enhances the house's practical ornamental feature. Additionally, it might raise your home's market value. As a result, you must base your choice of cooker hood for your house on the design and appearance of your kitchen.