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Must Have Modular Kitchen Accessories

by MeeraMore - on May 27, 2024

Have you ever found yourself halfway through the cooking process for a brand new recipe and somewhere in the middle of your search for that one spice jar that just won’t come out of hiding, you pause, and take a look around you. Suddenly, you find yourself stranded in a sea of pots and pans and spoons and forks. You find yourself flabbergasted that such a simple recipe could end up in such a mess. “How could I ever let all this mess happen?” you might find yourself thinking.

Now stop. Take a deep breath. It isn’t your fault after all. In the absence of dedicated kitchen storage and organizers, kitchens tend to get cluttered over time and with regular use. This is where we come in, to guide you about the best accessories to include in your kitchen for a seamless and efficient culinary experience. These accessories will ensure that your ultimate kitchen design is one that is catered specifically to your needs and your workflow, while allowing for future modification and addition, as and when needed.


1. Pull Out Drawers and Shelves 

As organized and well maintained as your drawers may be, things will inevitably start disappearing as the get pushed to the veritable Bermuda Triangle of kitchen cabinets: the very back of the drawers. These inaccessible nooks and corners are functionally dead zones and end up being underutilized. Fitting your kitchen cabinets with pull out drawers and shelves allows you to fully capitalize on the cabinet space available to you, and the ease of access ensures that no space goes to waste.
These accessories are especially useful in the case of corner cabinets and over-the-counter cabinets. Incorporated in these dead zones, you will suddenly find yourself with more available space than you know what to do with. Which means it’s time for a shopping trip.


2. Cutlery Trays 

With all the spoons and forks and knives and various other cutlery that one can accumulate over the years, it can become hard to figure out a storage solution where everything can be stored easily and efficiently. Here is where cutlery trays for kitchen drawers come into the picture. Designed to fit directly into a cabinet of standard dimensions, cutlery trays have a number of depressions to help you categorize your cutlery however you see fit and store it in a way that everything still remains visible and easily accessible.
So instead of dumping everything into one drawer, you can now continue to dump things into one drawer without compromising on the functionality of your kitchen usage.


3. Plate Racks

While we’re all familiar with the conventional way to store plates (stacked one on top of the other, bigger plates at the bottom and smaller ones on top), we’re equally as familiar with the inconvenience of needing a plate that’s right at the bottom of the stack. Struggling with the whole batch of plates, and living with the fear of dropping the whole lot, these can all be worries of the past. By incorporating plate holding racks with sliding drainer into your kitchen cabinet design, you can maximize your available space and store your plates and utensils in a way that each individual item is directly accessible.
Not only does this ease storage and accessibility, but it also helps to maintain cleanliness, by ensuring the presence of a small gap within each item, thus creating a no contact system for hygienic storage.


4. Spice Racks and Bottle Racks

Spices are probably the single most frequently used items in any kitchen. The greater your culinary expertise, the greater your range of spices, from the very basic salt and pepper to a wide range of exotic ones from all over the world. As the spices start adding up, it can be hard to figure out how to store all the jars and bottles and boxes and packets. This is the scenario where spice racks for cabinets are your new best friends. While taking up minimal space, typically requiring a narrow cabinet 15cm wide, they maximize the value of cabinet space allotted to them to the extent that this is one purchase that will pay for itself ten times over. A typical spice rack usually has two to three layers of racks which can even be adjustable in terms of their height, so you can choose the configuration that works best for you.
Similarly, if you’ve accumulated a collection of taller jars and bottles, you can opt for a bottle rack for kitchen cabinet that caters to bottle storage in particular. 


5. Integrated Lighting 

While you may find lighting to be something that doesn’t quite seem to belong on this list, you would be surprised at how integral lighting design can be to the running of any space, especially a functional one like a kitchen. Integrated lighting can involve the usage of under-cabinet lighting fixtures, or inside cabinet lighting fixtures. While the overall illumination in a kitchen is catered for during the electrical planning of the home, it can be easily overlooked that the upper cabinets have a distinct presence, usually leaving the countertop in a perpetual shadow. To counteract this effect, under cabinet lighting can be incorporated to ensure that your primary working surface is well lit and properly visible.
If you want to opt for a more hi-tech solution, you can incorporate motion sensors into your lighting fixtures, so the lighting for kitchen interior follows your workflow seamlessly, with minimal intervention on your part. 

With the addition of these modular kitchen accessories you can buy online, and many more like these, you can curate your kitchen interior to suit your needs in the best possible way. No more missing spoons, and messy countertops! Everything will ultimately be found in the space dedicated especially for its storage. By enhancing the visual and storage capacities of the kitchen, you can also create a space that allows for the most efficient workflow possible, saving you both time and needless effort. Not only that, but your kitchen will be one that is so uniquely YOU.